Uptech's Home & Business PCs

Uptech sells new, used and custom built computers

All new Uptech systems come with a 1 year parts AND labor warranty, not a 90 day warranty like HP and Dell.

Upech systems are optimized for performance, not loaded down with tons of trialware like HP.

Uptech will ask you lots of questions, to make sure you get the right PC for your needs

If you have a tight budget, Uptech has budget priced, pre-owned systems for sale.

We also offer a veriety of pre-owned systems most for around $140, ideal for replacing older PCs!

Why buy Uptech computers

People often ask why it is better to buy a computer from Uptech than it is to buy from companies like Dell. The answer is simple:

  1. Better and more complete warranty - we don't just send you the part and expect you to install it, like Dell
  2. Faster service - most repairs take less than 2 days, thus minimizing downtime
  3. Local - no calling support technicians in India.,
  4. Systems are custom-built and tailored to your needs
  5. We don't install all the useless trialware software like HP, BestBuy, and other name brand companies
  6. Experienced - Uptech has been in business for over 18 years. Uptech's technicians are experienced and trained.


UPTECH - Parts & Peripherals

PC Components
Motherboards are priced from $69, Power supplies are priced from $39.
Call in for current prices on memory, video cards, hard drives, DVD/RWs, Networking products, and cables.
When you purchase a memory upgrade, the installation is free.

Industrial PC Components
UPTECH provides service and spare parts for Flow waterjets industrial PCs.
call for industrial use computer, motherboard, single board computer parts and systems solutions