Uptech's Customers

Our Customers range from individuals, college students, families all the way up to medium sized companies, and universities.  Each customer has their own special needs, and Uptech meets those needs promptly.  Uptech has been building custom computers for U of L, Flow Robotics, AB Crush, Heiser Hearing Institute, RFS systems to mention a few.  We have completely replaced a 30 user mid-sized company’s entire infrastructure, upgrading routers, switches, and replacing all pcs, and servers; all while the company continued business.  We have installed servers and Windows Domains for many companies, setting up user accounts and permissions.

See what some of our customers have had to say when they picked up their computer:

"It's already finished"
"We're impressed with your work..."
"That was fast"
"We will use you guys again and again"
"Best place we've taken our computer to"
"You make everything sound so easy, and you speak English"
"This system you built me is the fastest I have ever used"
"You Guys are great"
"I didn’t expect it to be finished, already"
"How much?  That’s all? Great!!!"
“Thanks for explaining that”
“Geek Squad wanted twice that just to look at it”