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Our Company

Uptech Computer has been a trusted member of the Louisville community for over 28 years.  We have repaired over 9000 computers, and sold more that 3000 new servers, home pcs, and industrial systems.  Uptech warrants all service for 30 days, and all new Computer for 1 full year.   Uptech works with businesses and individuals to meet thier IT needs.   Uptech employs A+, MCSE, and Net+ Certified and exprienced technicians,   We maintain a high level rating on google and have a great relationship with our clients.
We are Fast, usually one day turnaround, unless waiting on parts

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Our People

Our Technicians are all here to make your life easier, and to answer any of your questions. 

Charles, with Uptech for 18 years, is our resident video surveillance guru. He also hands all design and support for the industrial PCs we sell. Charles designs, quotes and builds all of Uptech’s high-end  Industrial PCs and  Server products. 

Josh, with Uptech for 18 years, has over 26 years PC experience. Josh is certified A+, Toshiba and Lenovo authorized repair technician. Josh is the one to see for building the ultimate in high-end system. Josh is a super hero when it comes to tracking down and removing tough viruses. Josh is also one of Uptech’s best on-site technicians, he takes the time to explain and train the customer to minimize issues down the road. 

 Gary has been with Uptech for 25 years and into PCs for over 33 years. Gary is certified MCSE, A+, Network+, and an HP authorized repair technician. Gary’s specialties include: Digital imaging - Photography and Video, Networking - Windows domains, Printers, Board level soldering, Photoshop, electronics, and gardening (he is the source of all the Tomatoes we give out during the summer months).

Nathan has been with Uptech over 10 years, he is our goto Linux Guru, gaming expert, top technician, and all around swell guy. He also handles most of the design and support for the Gaming systems we sell.  On-site, Nathan has the experience and patience to get the jobs done.

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Our Customers

Our Customers range from individuals, students, all the way up to medium sized businesses.

Each customer has their own special needs, and Uptech meets those needs promptly. Uptech has been building custom computers for U of L, Flow Robotics, AB Crush, Heiser Hearing Institute, Raque Food Systems to mention a few. We have completely replaced a 30 user mid-sized company’s entire infrastructure, upgrading routers, switches, and replacing all pcs, and servers; all while the company continued business. We have installed servers and Windows Domains for many companies, setting up user accounts and permissions.>

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